Promoting Sustainable Development Through Evidence Based Capacity Building

Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Our focus in research is to accumulate knowledge and empirical evidence on the determinants and dynamics of epidemics and pandemics with the aim of informing and influencing the development of innovative preventive and mitigatory intervention strategies that are cost effective and have optimal results. In M&E we work to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organisations, particularly in the development sector, to effectively and efficiently track the utilisation of their resources in meeting programme results. We therefore, provide cutting edge Research, Monitoring & Evaluation services focusing on planning, designing and conducting scientifically sound operations research that addresses current public health challenges in order to inform public health policy and programming. Our main products in this area are:

  • Design and implementation of special studies: Baseline and Evaluation studies, Rapid Assessments, Impact Assessments in public health and human development programmes
  • On-site Institutional Capacity Assessments for Project Management/M&E systems development and strengthening
  • Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Development and  Strengthening
  • Project Management
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