Data Management Services

At PSRT Centre we acknowledge that information is perishable and as such, we aim to provide accurate, unbiased and timely information to the customer through customised data collection and processing systems. Our data management services include:

Data Collection – The unit provides technical support in the development, pretesting and validation of data collection instruments (DCI). A team of trained and experienced staff is available to provide data collection services using both qualitative and quantitative techniques at community and corporate levels.

Data Access and Warehousing – We offer customised development of databases which offer sound data storage and easy access to data even for users who are not experts in Information Technology systems. The unit provides installation, training and technical backup support

Data mining and extraction – Specialised techniques are used in drawing data from complex and at times very large databases with the principal aim of identifying predictive information as well as underlying pattern.

Data Processing – We offer data entry, cleansing and analysis services. Data entry is conducted using the very latest versions of statistical software packages such as STATA, SPSS, Epi-Info, Excel, Nvivo, Minitab and CS-Pro. Data Cleansing ensures data quality through checking of consistency and accuracy of records. Specialised statistical techniques are used in the processing of data to generate meaningful information that may be used in decion making. Specific approaches used here include:

  • Exploratory data analysis – employing graphical and descriptive statistical techniques , Regression Analysis
  • Retrospective data analysis – providing insight into trends, behaviours or events that have already occured
  • Hypothesis testing – testing the underlying assertions using significance testing

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