Previous Work


Gender Baseline Survey - March 2012

Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs Assessment and Programme Development for Young People (Gokwe North, Gokwe South, Nyanga Districts) – September 2011

Health Institutions Capacity Assessment for Covering Gokwe South and Nyanga Districts – May 2011

Impact Assessment of Mashambanzou Care Trust Strategic Plan – Harare (2006 - 2010) – January 2012

Facilitation/Development of the Mashambanzou’s Strategic Plan 2012 – 2016 – Harare - February 2012

School Sanitation and Hygiene KAP Baseline Survey in 3 Districts of Zimbabwe – UNICEF Zimbabwe (June – July 2010)


End of Project Evaluation for Child Carers Project in the Zambezi Valley – April 2011

Baseline Situational Analysis of Child Carers - The Triple Whammy: Children affected by HIV, Poverty and Disability in the Zambezi Valley Survey, 2009

Emergency Primary Health Care (PHC) Assessment Baseline Survey- Bikita District, 2009

Baseline Situation Analysis of Migrant Girls in Exploitative Labour in Southern Africa. SAVE the Children (UK) and Forced Migration Studies Programme (FMSP) - RSA (Jul – Aug 2010)


Development and Pretesting of database for analysis of the Zimbabwe National Health Systems Assessment data (HS20/20 Project Feb-March 2010)


Impact Assessment of the Health Worker Retention Scheme - Consultancy for DFID with partner international consultants


A Rapid Assessment to establish The role of Private - Public Partnerships in providing comprehensive support to OVC in Harare and Umzingwane District, Mat. South. World Education, Children First (CF) Project (Sept. 2010)

Development of a Capacity Building Training Manual for Child Protection Committees Within the NAP for OVC 2 – September 2011


End of Project Evaluation of the Protracted Recovery Programme (PRP) Funded Pilot Elephant Pump Project for Pump Aid Zimbabwe - July 2011


Zimbabwe Palliative Care Situational Analysis: Integration of Palliative Care in the Curriculum of Health Professionals in Institutions of Higher Learning: -January 2012


Baseline Survey: Putting Children First in Zimbabwe Project:- October 2011


Psychosocial Support Systems Strengthening


Zimbabwe Male Circumcision Situation Analysis (2008)

Data Collection Supervision and Database Development for the Zimbabwe Health Systems Assessment – Feb 2010

Costing and development of a cost-effective model for construction and rehabilitation of health facility wash and other institutional infrastructure – January 2012



Training and Capacity Building: Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Systems Strengthening for Higher Life Foundation – November 2011

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