Psychosocial Support Research & Training Centre (PSRT Centre) was established in 2008 under the Companies Act of Zimbabwe as a Private Limited Company by a multidisciplinary team of Zimbabwean public health professionals particularly Epidemiologists, Health Social Scientists, Biostatisticians and Psychologists. The establishment of PSRT Centre was inspired and motivated by the need and knowledge gap that exists in providing evidence based programming in addressing the public health and psychosocial wellbeing needs of poor, marginalized, underserved and vulnerable populations in the developing world. Since then, PSRT Centre has been excelling in its service provision in the areas of public health operations research and evidence-based capacity building in Zimbabwe and through collaborations with other international experts in the region and beyond.


Our Mission is to strengthen the capacity of individuals and institutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in providing clients with quality services that are responsive to their current health and social well-being needs


Our Vision is to be the choice and leading provider of evidence based capacity building that optimizes efficiency and effectiveness in facilitating lasting change in the quality of life and wellbeing of vulnerable groups.


Accountability: All our operations are results based, we always take responsibility at all levels for our efficiency, and being accountable to all our clients

Professionalism: We  conduct all our work in outstanding professional manner taking into consideration all standard ethical conduct in scientific, social and cultural  sensitive manner

Integrity: We set and maintain the highest standards without compromising our reputation while ensuring meeting and putting the best interests of our clients first. In all our work, we are honest and transparent.

Teamwork: We believe in complementing each other’s efforts and expertise in all our work.

Theory of Change

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