Management and Staff

PSRT Centre, is managed by a team of two leading consultants and one staff member as follows:

Chenjerai Sisimayi (Clin. Epidemiologist, Biostatistician) – Managing Director

Chenjerai is responsible for the management and technical oversight of the organisation, ensuring the implementation and realization of results under its strategy. He has extensive experience in knowledge management founded on a sound academic and professional background in Biostatistics, Clinical Epidemiology and Monitoring and Evaluation. Chenjerai has over the years demonstrated expertise in Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Strengthening, Operations Research, Data Management and Documentation.

Thenjiwe Masuku – (Clin. Epidemiologist, Health Social Scientist) Managing Consultant

Thenjiwe is responsible for the organization’s operational systems encompassing human and financial resources as well as programme coordination. In addition to her management role within the organisation, Thenjiwe plays a pivotal function effective and efficient delivery of PSRT Centre’s core services through her wealth of knowledge and skills in Research and Documentation as well as qualitative approaches in Results Based Management. Her background in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Social Science together with her vast exposure and experience to health development programmes enables her to execute her role as a public health consultant.

Nicole Senderayi – (Sociologist) - Administrative Assistant

Nicole is responsible for the day-to-day office management and logistical issues. She works closely with the Managing Consultant and the Managing Director and the Associate Consultants to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. Nicole also plays an important role in the delivery of capacity building and documentation exercises within PSRT Centre.



Associate Consultants

We work closely with multidisciplinary team of qualified and experienced associate consultants In undertaking various assignments.These profesionals include specialists in Public Health and Epidemiology, Health Social Science,Child Protection, Social Work, Gender and Development, WASH, Maternal & Child Health, Nutrition, HIV and AIDS and Palliative Care. Systems review and strengthening focused on improving efficiency is also supported by professionals with expertise in Health Economics, Finance and Administration as well as Transport and Logistics.

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