Data Management Systems Strengthening


Description of the Training Course

The Data Management Systems Strengthening (DMSS) Course is aimed at equipping individuals and organisations with the essential knowledge and skills to address their day-to-day data management needs in a cost effective and sustainable manner. The training is focused on building capacity to optimise quality in:

  • Data Management Practice:- Principles and Fundamentals of Data Management
  • Management of Survey Data (Baseline, Evaluation and other Special Studies)
  • Development and Management of Beneficiary Databases Using Epi-Info
  • Using Epi-Info in Resource Management and Ongoing Monitoring
    • Commodity Distribution Tracking (e.g. Medicines, Food, Agric Inputs, and Other Non Food Items e.t.c)
    • Indicator/Output Tracking
    • Fuel Monitoring, Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Mapping/Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Data Analysis and Presentation of Project, Programme, Study Results

By the end of the workshop participants will have been able to develop specific databases and to analyze data using specific packages such Epi-Info.

Target Group

The DMSS Training is applicable to the Management, Programme/Project Managers, Programme/Project Officers, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Field Officers, Researchers, Data Clerks, Students (Undergrad and Post Grad). It is highly encouraged that training applicants have some form of knowledge on M&E and basic computer skills.

Training Facilitators and Methods of Training Delivery

The DMSS training course is facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with varied and relevant expertise in development and programming with such background as Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Information Technology. This training course is highly participatory and is conducted in simple English, and local languages as necessary.

Key Areas Covered and Duration

The DMSS Training is delivered over a 3-day period with the following specific topics covered and participants having been able to explore the development and application of the following topics

1.       Principles of Data Management

2.       Indicators and Data Collection, Processing and Reporting Systems

3.       Introduction to Epi-Info: Make View (Develop Databases), Enter Data, Analyse Data and Create Maps

4.       Data Analysis and Presentation of Project, Programme, Study Results

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