About Psychosocial Support, Research & Training Centre

PSRT Centre is human development consultancy firm that specializes in provision of practical technical support services to organisations and individuals in the development sector. We promote sustainable development through evidence based capacity building, mentorship, and operations research aimed at enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in response strategies aimed at promoting lasting change in the development sector at local and national levels. Since 2008, our research and capacity building initiatives in the areas of Results Based Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (RBMER) and Organizational Systems Strengthening have contributed meaningfully to, and satisfactorily to our valued clients’ strategic directions and focus. Our work continues to inspire unending desire amongst our clients to implement human development programmes in a results based manner in their bid to provide necessary services and support to the vulnerable people. Driven by a dedicated executive team with a passion for measuring results and ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in programming, PSRT Centre is committed to continue developing and improving of cutting edge systems development and strengthening packages.

Training and Capacity Building

We provide training, mentoring and capacity building for organisations and individuals concerned with public health and human development.

Participatory methodologies are used in the provision of this service which covers a wide range of courses that eventualy enable users to be more effective and efficient in their work. We have two approaches in the delivery of the Training and Capacity Building courses:

  1. Walk-in setup: Interested organisations second relevant staff or representatives for a short course addressing their immediate training needs. Courses offered through this model are often advertised electronically a month before the training dates. Interested candidates register on-line to participate. Duration of these courses ranges between 2 – 5 days.
  2. Customised Model: This is based on a detailed review of organisational training needs and an adaptation of curricula to address these. Organisations requiring this service request for a custom package and a team will be seconded to undertake the exercise which normally takes 3 – 5 days.

PSRT Centre is a resource and training body, through these approaches provides opportunities for on-going mentorship, skills and systems strengthening.

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