"Thanks for imparting Data Management skills to me, it was a first time experience. I am
trying to practice as quickly as possible so that I may not forget. I have taken through
our young IT lady so that when I forget, she can always teach me again, that’s the
advantage of being young. Will definitely be calling you when need arises
. Thanks –
Mandla Tirivavi ,Study Coordinator, AU, Participant, Data Management Using EpiInfo
26- 27 May 2011

….We managed to transfer our data from the Old Epi Info(Dos) to the new one and
I cant tell you how easy it is to go around the database. Thank you guys so much you
taught us a lot. Keep it up. We will be in touch with you very soon
. Regards
Thandi, Information Officer, HAQOCI, Participant, Data Management Using EpiInfo 26-
27 May 2011

“The training was very relevant. Everything we covered was very useful and met my
expectations. The course was well structured and covered a lot of topics. I personally
gained very much from this workshop-keep up the great Work
. Participant, Results
Based Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting Training Workshop, 12-16 March 2012

The data management using Epi-Info workshop was quite interesting and very
informative, I gained new knowledge on easy collection and analysis of data.
Creation of maps and graphs was useful. I really enjoyed the practical part because I
learnt more through the practical exercises
. Participant, Data Management Training
Workshop 12 March 2011

“The workshop was participatory in nature and hands on. It managed to equip me
with the skills and confidence to maneuver in the database; the coordinators were
free and open to suggestions. Keep up the good work. Thank you
. Participant, Data
Management Using Epi-Info, 20 April 2011.”

“… educative and informative learnt the different ways of manipulation of Epi-Info,
exporting data into excel. Keep on doing the good work
. Shadreck Madawareva,
Participant, Data Management Using Epi-Info, 20 April 2011

… I have learnt how to formulate strategic objectives and now well equipped with
knowledge on strategic planning
. Participant, Mashambanzou Care Trust Strategic
Planning Workshop, 22 – 24 February 2012”

“I found Epi-Info to be like a bridge between SPSS and MS Access.The interface is
friendly and one is able to make use of relational databases easily .Thank you very
much for the informative and interactive workshop
. Participant, Data Management
Using Epi-Info, 26-27 May 2011



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